Just like the continuous flow of time, human progression never stops. For this exact reason our business partner in china keeps on moving forward and has now upgraded his capacities with the addition of a bunch of new equipment in a new mill. Two new melting furnaces, as well as another ten furnaces especially for heat treatment, two new cutting machines and as a highlight an all new forge open up a whole variety of fresh possibilities.

With each of the melting furnaces being able to take ingots up to a weight of 120 tons and two more furnaces of the same scale being planned for the near future, these four should be able to allow the new forge to reach its production capacity of 4000 tons per month.

Brought into shape with a power of up to 2000 tons the forged pieces can range from diameters of 300 mm to up to 1200 mm and can reach a maximum weight per piece of approx. 25 tons. This additional production can create round or flat bars but also step forging bars.

Beside these means of production the rest of the equipment is aimed more towards refining in additional steps. With the other ten furnaces our partner has paved the way for his own heat treatment. Eight of these have a size of w.1700mm x h.1500mm x l.6500mm while the other two offer a length of 12000mm and therefore allow the treatment of even longer bars. Similar to the new forge´s capabilities it is possible to treat up to 4000 tons a month.

Up to this point heat treatments had to be made in external facilities but this is going to change now thanks to this extension. This will lead to more efficient handling and even better quality control. Normalizing, annealing, quenching, and tempering will all be possible in house.

Together with the two new cutting machines (two double column band saws) this new mill offers plenty of capabilities to bring the material in the desired form and quality.

We are looking forward to future cooperation and of course to sell the products of this new mill in Europe.