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We consider ourselves partners and independent service providers to the trading business and steel processing industries. Our main focus is on international purchasing and the development of innovative approaches and purchasing concepts.

JHG Stahlhandel Juchheim Leistungen

Company Data:

  • JHG Juchheim Handels GmbH
  • Founded: 1982
  • Headquarter: Hockenheim
  • Employees: 9


International steel and metal trade as well as delivery of cast aluminum, bright steel, open-die forgings, drop forgings, steel rings and raw continuous casting.

Business Activities:

  • Wholesale and Transit Trade
  • Processing and Editing
  • Consignment Warehousing

Service Areas and Quality Commitment of the JHG

Project Processing Acquisition and Subcontracting:

If the steel product requested should need further processing, we will be pleased to organize this for you. No matter if it is about milling, sandblasting, peeling or deep- hole drilling, you can always depend on us to find you the most suitable partner. And of course we will handle and negotiate all contractual agreements.

Material Management:

We would be happy to work hand in hand with you to find alternative materials with similar properties for your purposes.


You have the choice between various financing options, for example through warehousing in consignment, extended payment terms or the acceptance of advance payment claims.

Storage, Transport and Customs Clearance:

With our many years of experience in import and with the customs authorities, we are ideally equipped to have your delivery arrive smoothly. If your own storage capacity is exhausted, we will find a solution with one of our numerous partners! If necessary we can arrange a special transport for the materials you ordered.

Dual Source Development:

We will be your service company when it comes to acquiring new suppliers, for instance in order to warrant Dual Source coverage for your orders.

Individual Procurement Concepts and Special Standards:

Our profound know-how concerning individual supply concepts allows us to always find a way to meet your expectations. Regardless of whether you are looking for unusual measurements or other specific product requirements – we will find what you need.