Steel Bars - Details

Steel bars is a name for bar-shaped rolled or forged products: i.e. flat, round, square or hexagonal steel. Our portfolio includes a wide range of steel bars in forged, rolled or surface-finished versions (peeled, milled, drawn, ground) in different standards and special profiles, as well as in various grades – tailored to your requirements.

Delivery Options


Raw, pre-turned or milled

Rund-d Round (d. 120 – 1200 mm)

Vierkant-d Square (d. 150 – 800 mm)

Flach-d Flat (up to max b. 1000 x d. 500 mm)

Hot rolled:

Raw, pre-turned or milled

Rund-d Round (d. 10 – 320 mm)

Vierkant-d Square (d. 10 – 200 mm)

Sechskant-d Hexagon (d. 15 – 70 mm)

Flach-d Flat (up to max b. 550 x d. 150 mm)

Peeled and ground:

Rund-d Round (d. 5 – 240 mm)

Cold drawn:

Rund-d Round (d. 5 – 80 mm)

Vierkant-d Square (d. 8 – 70 mm)

Sechskant-d Hexagon (d. 8 – 60 mm)

Flach-d Flat (on demand)

Angles and special profiles:

On demand

Unalloyed structural steels, unalloyed and alloyed tempering steels, case hardening steels, nitriding steels, free-cutting steels, stainless steels, micro-alloyed steels, spring steels, tool steels and other materials on request.

Quenching and tempering (+ QT)
Normalizing (+ N)
Tempered and hardened (+ TH)
FP annealing (+ FP)
Stress relieving (+ SR)
Soft annealing (+ A)
AC annealing (+ AC)

Range of Application

Steel bars are widely used in various industries, including i.e. Mechanical engineering, automotive, commercial vehicles, shipbuilding, civil engineering, renewable energies and many more.

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