SOS Children’s Villages worldwide offers the opportunity to provide personal help for children who have found a new home in an SOS Children’s Village. In order to be able to take part in the life of the children in the SOS Children’s Village, reports are sent every six months. Likewise, when you take on a sponsorship, you receive an annual report on how the sponsored child is developing, as well as photos. You support the child until they have successfully completed an apprenticeship and can then take care of themselves.

We, JHG Juchheim Handels GmbH, are currently sponsoring SOS for 3 children from various SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. We have been supporting this organization since 2014.

The first girl we supported was called Aspara who lived in an SOS Children’s Village in Nepal. After initial difficulties building trust in her new caregivers, she was able to open up to the family fairly quickly and put an end to the anxiety and shyness. When we took over the sponsorship for her, she was just learning the first letters and numbers in preschool. Her great passion was dancing. She has been part of a dance group since preschool and is enthusiastic in front of an audience.

Like every young girl, she also liked to play with dolls and liked to draw. In 2017 Aspara moved back to her birth mother. Her mother’s whereabouts were temporarily unknown until she came to the village to visit her daughter. After a few visits, her mother expressed the wish to take Aspara back to her and her husband. The authorities approved the reunification, in the interests of the girl’s well-being.

Since Aspara no longer needed our support, we took over the sponsorship for a boy named Raju, who also comes from Nepal. Like most boys, he was interested in football, but that changed over time. He started to develop an interest in video games and discovered drawing as a hobby. Despite all the leisure activities, learning comes first for him.

We also sponsored two other children. One of them is the girl Denada from Albania. She has been living in the SOS Children’s Village with her siblings since April 2011 because her mother has passed away. At the beginning she was afraid to live with strange people. In the meantime she got to know the village community well, made many friends and became fond of her SOS Children’s Village mother.

She is very enthusiastic about music and art. She loves Albanian folk music and is also a member of a folk dance group. Her and many other children from the village were given their first holiday trip in life. In the summer vacation they went to Italy. She reported that she enjoyed every moment of her stay on the plane and at the airport.

The last SOS sponsored child is the boy Issa, who was admitted to the SOS Children’s Village in Rwanda in 2014, at the age of 4. His father died earlier and the family could not take care of him and his brother. He is a very open-minded boy who felt comfortable in the SOS Children’s Village right from the start. He likes to play in the garden or on the playground with other children and his learning progress at school is good. He practices hard with someone from his SOS family. Playing football and playing with Lego are his favorite pastimes.