In 2012 we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company, marking three decades of successful professional trading in steel and industry products. Bernd Juchheim founded the Handelsgesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse mbH in Hockenheim in 1982, following his own 30-year career in international steel trade.

Many years of experience in business with Eastern Europe formed the basis for the initial focus on imports of steel and aluminium products from Hungary and the former Czechoslovakia to Germany.
From the start Bernd Juchheim Handelsgesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse mbH had an additional branch office in Mannheim, which Ekkehard Juchheim joined in 1986. In January 1990 he was granted power of attorney, and in April 1991 the headquarters were relocated to Mannheim. Just under two years later, in March 1993, Ekkehard Juchheim was appointed Managing Director of the newly founded OWS Ost-West-Stahlhandelsgesellschaft mbH, which evolved from a merger with Klaus Dee GmbH, Düsseldorf.
This move resulted in an extension of the purchasing routes to include Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and the CIS countries. Sales in western and northern Germany subsequently experienced a boost.
In September 1997 the 50% share in OWS was sold off to Klaus Dee GmbH.
Bernd Juchheim continued to represent the interests of Italian steel works in Germany until 1996.

In January 1997 the headquarters were relocated back to Hockenheim as part of the company’s succession process, and the company name was changed to:
JHG Juchheim Handelsgesellschaft mbH Stahlhandel-Industrieerzeugnisse.
Following the political upheavals of 1989, we extended our purchasing sources to all the former COMECON states, including Russia. A subsidiary in Prague (Czech Republic) and representations in Budapest (Hungary) and Katowice (Poland) followed. In addition we have a cooperation with factories in Montenegro and Turkey.
Our German sales offices are located in Hockenheim and Oberhausen.
From our beginnings with only rolling mill products we have, over the years, extended our product range to include cast aluminium, cold drawn steel, hammer forged parts, drop forged parts, steel rings, roadbed and track materials, and continuous cast billets.

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